Warrior Princess seeking a genuine Switch Finsub
Posted by Sofia on 2019-04-14
I am intense and complicated, but extremely giving and caring. Unapologetic, born leader and over-achiever. My Switch has to make me his priority and have full understanding for me an my sometimes irrational actions. I am craving a genuine Switch Finsub who will be equal or better than the Princess by day, but also capable of to break the Slut by night, and then remake her with kindness, affection, attention, and unconditional support. He is extremely beautiful, dominant, intellectual, successful but casual, affectionate, and loyal. I am my bitchy, unapologetic, funny, charming, but sometimes scary self in everyday life, and He would balance me out. Being supportive and not saying NO to my needs (I am not greedy) while being invested in my life, loving it, and making me sexually subbed and wanting is what you need to be. Filthy rich and proud of the fact that you can provide for me. The fact that you can switch shows me that you understand that sharing is in fact caring. You just need to love it for me.
city: Hanoi
zipcode: Other Countries
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